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First Snow - 2019

November 7 ... first snow for 2019 in Toronto!  A mix of thoughts and emotions flow through the Warrior Mindset today! 
From the “before I’m awake” o’clock phone call from my super excited daughter (whose now 13 .. ???) over Kitchener way - where apparently it’s deeper and “the snow plow has gone by once already!!” 
To watching the dog step through it ... not sure if it’s toxic or fun ... finally settling on fun 
To the - thank God I cut the grass yesterday (which I’d been putting off for about a month) 
To - ok - how long until spring again (by the way - only 133 days, 14 hours and 6 minutes) 
To - ugh - drivers will all have forgotten how to drive 
To - Grrrrr - it’s not deep enough to play in with the Jeep 
So I sit with my coffee this morning - looking out at the falling snow - and reflection on the absurdity of First Snow thoughts at all.  It happens every year here in this part of the world.  And we’re immediately overtaken by thoughts and emotions.  
If our minds settle on the negative…
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Chicken, Quinoa & Sweet Potato Casserole

It's time for another Warrior Recipe - we're going with a main dish today! Try this one out this weekend to rediscover the Sweet Potato! Don't mind the photo... I overdid the parsley (which is supposed to be cilantro... but what are you going to do after there's no cilantro at two grocery stores?) - it's all about being flexible and dancing in the kitchen!

PDF version available here!

Enjoy Warriors!

On the EDGE... Fear of Confronting Cause

This post is a flash back to October 2018 and our Team activity to take on our Fear of Confronting Cause!!!

What is it that stops you in life? 
In your healthy living goals - or your work - or your relationships? 
What do you want to do that you don't actually do?

What would be available in your life if you took that action? 
Choose something outside your comfort zone daily to keep pushing yourself forward... Don't let your Fear of Confronting Cause get between you and what you want for your life!

Enjoy the video of our little journey out on the "edge" - 1,168 feet, or 116 stories above Toronto! This was a truly exhilarating experience - and a whole new way to see my city! We all had a blast - and like everything in life... once you actually take it on... wasn't actually that scary at all! I got really present to how much we make up the story in our minds about things - not scary - just a blast!

Get out there and cause your life today!


Healthy Living Warrior Wellness Dimensions

It is normal for us to collapse Healthy Living with Body Image. In fact, human beings are mentally and socially programmed to compare visual presentations to an ideal.Mathematically, the brain is predisposed to find certain patterns & symmetries more pleasing to the eye.We do it with everything - from fruit at the grocery store to bodies at the bar – comparing what’s in front of us to a mental picture of an “ideal”.

The Vitruvian Man, by Leonardo da Vinci, depicts the “ideal human body proportions”, based on geometry described by an ancient (we’re taking 20-30 BC sort of ancient here) Roman architect – Vitruvius.Vitruvian Theory states that an architect should focus on three central themes when preparing a design.

Firmitas (strength)Utilitas (functionality)         Venustas (beauty)

Theory can be a great tool to help understand things – AND – we can get so caught up in the tool that we lose sight of what was really important.The image of the Vitruvian Man is so embedded socially in h…

Welcome to the Healthy Living Warrior Lifestyle

Hey there! I'm CJ Tremeer - a Healthy Living Warrior!  I'm a Gay Personal Trainer - and I help gay men struggling with body image, unhealthy habits, or self confidence to become mental and physical healthy living warriors through individualized exercise & nutrition programs!

I spent my teens and 20s battling body image, self esteem, and emotional eating issues, and trying to work up enough strength and courage to come out. It was a long lonely process - and wildly unsuccessful for the most part.

I tried diets - programs - books - you name it - and nothing worked... they all made sense in theory - but weren't workable for me in every day life. 
​ In a desperate attempt to break through (and "out") - I signed on with a Personal Trainer - determined to get results.  My confidence grew.  I came out EVERYWHERE, in a "with sparkles" kind of way.    ​ Things I discovered along the way: "I" will always be my own most limiting factor The power of communi…